Angie’s List Is Now Free!

Angie's List is now free

After 20 years, Angie’s List is now free.

According to Angie’s List website, Angie’s List now offers a free Green Level membership. 

Contracting an electrician, plumber, roofer, or HVAC professional with confidence has never been easier now that Angie’s List is free. Members gain access to over 10,000,000 certified and trusted reviews. Another benefit Angie’s List members enjoy is a subscription to a digital magazine. The magazine offers information on the best and worst companies, buyer beware warnings, articles on maintenance and tips and tricks.

Additionally, for those interested in Do-It-Yourself projects, Angie’s List offers thousands of how-to DIY and expert articles. Learn more about how to keep your air conditioner from overheating or what the electrical wire color codes mean. Perhaps this summer is the summer to add a new deck without the traditional surface screws.

Moreover, all of Angie’s List providers and advertising companies undergo a background check.  This security check should give members an additional peace of mind when selecting local professionals.

In 2017, Angie’s List was acquired by Home Advisor parent company according to an article published by USA Today. The new publicly traded company will be called ANGI Homeservices Inc. and will be moving their headquarters from Indianapolis, Indiana to Golden, Colorado.