How To Check For Liens On A Property



How To Check For Liens On A Property

Individuals interested in doing lien research themselves should know that there are several types of liens. Additionally, different types of liens are found in different places.

To check for federal tax and mechanic liens, visit,
  1. on the national map click on the state in which the property is located
  2. select the county that the property is located in either from the dropdown menu or from the map of counties
  3. type in the last name and first name of the property owner

The results will generate a report listing the number and types of liens on the property.

Moreover, the other way to confirm if federal or mechanic liens exist is to call the county recorder’s office.

To check for state tax or judicial liens, contact the county’s clerk of courts office.

General lien information

Lien – the legal claim against the title of a property that prohibits the sale of the property until the debt is paid.

Owners can grant a lien when using the property as collateral.

The federal and state government can place a lien against property if the owner owes taxes.

A court can grant a lien to creditors if the owner owes them money.

A few types of liens that can be found on a property title include:
  1. Mortgages – first and second
  2. Mechanics – if improvement work was done on a property and the bill was not paid in full, the improvement company can place a lien on the property. This would include such things as window replacement, siding, waterproofing and septic insulation.
  3. Judicial – creditors can ask for the court to order a lien if a debt is owed to them for such things as medical bills or credit card bills.

Title insurance companies can also conduct lien searches on a property for a nominal fee.