Grill Saving Thrill

Pay Less For Propane
If you have a grill, here is a savings thrill

Instead of waiting for your propane tank to run empty to exchange it, have it refilled.

Exchanging propane tanks at a gas station or home improvement store can be expensive. Besides that, you have to wait until your tank is close to empty, or empty. If you don’t have a second tank on standby you run the risk of running out of propane while grilling.

A 20lb propane tank exchange can cost around $28 ($27.98 on Sam’s website). Instead of waiting until you are almost out of propane, or on empty, find a local business that refills tanks. Refills cost around $2.79 a gallon making the cost of a full refill $11.50.  With savings of more than 50% you can pick up a little extra something to sizzle on the grill! (Prices quoted as of May 2017.)