Spiff Up, Stage Up and Sell Up Your Home

House for sale

Spiff Up the inside and outside of your home.
A thorough cleaning inside and out can make a big difference in how your house appears to potential buyers. Inside give your carpets a cleaning because like vegetables, fresh is best. Clean windows and sills, grout, appliances and door knobs. Homeowners may not see the everyday dirt but buyers do. Outside curb appeal can go a long way in a buyer seeing your house as their next potential home. Pressure wash siding, decking and concrete. Weed and trim the lawn. Put in a few plants for color. Prune trees and overgrown bushes.

Stage Up the inside and outside of your home. Tone down bright colored rooms with light colored neutral paint. Light colors make the room look larger and neutral colors sell better. Eliminate clutter and stage your house to sell. By packing up boxes of books, pictures, baskets and all the extra clutter, your house will look bigger, appeal to more buyers and you will be ahead on packing. Stage Up the outside of your home by creating outdoor living space. If you have a patio or deck, arrange furniture so it is inviting, add planters and outdoor rugs to help potential buyers see the extra space they will be getting.

Sell Up the inside and outside of you home. You can use your phone to take pictures inside and out then create a video with background music. Post your video on You Tube and Facebook.