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Commonly Asked Questions

Who qualifies as a veteran?
Any individual currently serving or that has served in the Armed Forces.

Who qualifies to be on the USO wall?
Any current or past volunteer of the United Services Organizations.

Why do you need my information?
We are proud of our all-inclusive Warrior Wall and glad you submitted a veteran or USO photograph to us. To show our appreciation, we want to confirm we received your information, and to keep you informed of activities regarding the wall.

What kind of photo do you want?
Any photo where the veteran or USO volunteer is easily visible, either in his/her military uniform or other casual attire. The photos can be in any size and can be black and white or color—we will resize. If you choose to mail your photo, please remove it from any frame.

Will you return my photo?
While we handle all submissions with utmost care, we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss of your original photographs. Please do not submit original prints of photographs, as we cannot guarantee their safe return. If a stamped self-addressed envelope is included, we will return the photograph.