Veteran’s Free Honor Flights

Honor Flight Network

The Honor Flight Network transports veterans, free-of-charge to Washington D.C.

The Honor Flight Network transports WWII, Korean and Vietnam veterans, free of charge, to Washington D.C. Veterans of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, that are terminally ill, are also eligible for an Honor Flight. All veterans are assigned guardians that will treat them like family, ensure they have a safe and memorable and rewarding experience.

Behind the scenes of transporting veterans to their war memorials was Earl Morse. Mr. Morse was a physician assistant and Retired Air Force Captain. After retiring from the Air Force in 1998, Mr. Morse worked for the VA in Springfield, Ohio. Being a private pilot, he offered to cover the cost of transporting some of his veteran patients to see their memorials and the Honor Flight was born. Earl recruited more private pilots, then commercial flights and later Honor Flight hubs were spreading across the nation.

The Honor Flight Network now has 127 hubs in 41 states with a busy tour schedule. Veterans can fill out an Honor Flight Veteran Application here.  Individuals interested in travelling with a veteran they know, or that would like to be a guardian, can fill out an application here.

Americans that want to help transport veterans to D.C. can make a tax deductible contribution to Honor Flight Network.